Which are the best wireless earphones in India?

Buyers are always confused before making a decision on their purchase. Especially when it comes to the selection of Wireless Bluetooth headset. This content will clear all the doubts that they have in mind before finalizing on which brand of Bluetooth headset for mobile is a better choice for them. Below is a comprehensive post comparing both the devices and in the end I will declare to you as to which should be your best choice of Wireless Bluetooth headset to buy. Acid Eye 4.1 Bluetooth Headset.

Most important factors to do the comparison between 2 models are as follows:

  1. Design
  2. Sound quality
  3. Weight
  4. Hardware specification & Features
  5. Battery standby & Warranty
  6. Market acceptance factor

Both models are compared keeping top 6 golden rules mentioned above.

Let me first explain to you in detail.


  1. Design: 10/10

Your search for a Bluetooth headset for mobile, both Bluetooth neckband and Bluetooth earbuds should stop here. It has a sporty look, with high definition sound, deep bass, and a perfectly designed wireless headset that uses ergonomic aesthetics and that is made only for the movie and music lovers. If you are looking for a stylish Bluetooth device then this is the one, also the best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and of course Wireless earbud, they both have absolutely no room for ambient noise to seep in; turn up the volume at ease, mark your presence with the stylish headset on you.


Design: 7/10

The design factor as compared to Acid eye Bluetooth headset is 7/10. Although it is also having a sporty look but it drops some scores due to lack of keeping the aesthetics of the product on par with Acid eye product. Acid eye comes with single colour coating, but XIAOMI comes with two colour coating. The acoustic output on Acid eye is more soothing but I must admit that both the devices are good in keeping the ambient noise far from reach.


  1. Sound Quality: 10/10

As mentioned before this device gives you pleasure listening to the melodious songs and thumping action movies. Since it keeps the noise far from reach your ears will only listen to the sound within device and nothing else from the outside.


Sound Quality: 9/10

The sound output of XIAOMI is good enough. In some cases music throughput was not so crystal clear but the same analysis performed on Acid eye Bluetooth device performed incredibly well.


  1. Weight measure: 10/10

The weight usually is measured in Gms and Ounces; it is 3.1 to 3.2 ounces.


Weight measure: 10/10

The weight usually is measured in Gms and Ounces; it is 3.1 to 3.2 ounces.

Bluetooth headset


  1. Hardware specification & features: 10/10

You will be amazed to know that this device used CSR chip, Cambridge silicon radio, a pioneer who makes the Bluetooth devices. Later renowned as Qualcomm technologies, it is the mother of all chips and this device is using the most up to date version in it. An Acid eye Wireless Bluetooth Earphones architectural design is thoroughly crafted using this chip.


Hardware specification & features: 9/10

The hardware is from the renowned brand Qualcomm technologies, it is the mother of all chips and this device is using the most up to date version in it. The CSR chip used in this device is slightly different from the one used in Acid eye Bluetooth device.


  5.Battery standby & Warranty: 10/10

6-8, hours with one single charge in a day, tested thoroughly with all the mobile and portable devices, the battery backup is just exceptional. Pair once and forget charging again for a day or two. This Bluetooth device has rank up the scores against major wireless Bluetooth devices to give only the best sound output that can be produced by extending its battery life. Hear the thumping sound to believe it and try out everlasting battery work time with an Acid eye Bluetooth device.


Battery standby & Warranty: 8/10

6 hours only with 1 year warranty.

Common factors mentioned below:

Technical specification: Acid eye Bluetooth: 4.1+EDR, Transmission distance: 30 feet, Battery: lithium-ion polymer 80mAH, Frequency response: 20-22 kHz, Charging port: Micro USB

Warranty: 1 year

Box include: Charging cable, 2 sets of extra ear buds, cable management clip, user manual, USB car charger 3 ft, micro USB cable.

After thorough study and analysis on both the brands I can now declare the best device on market acceptance factor and that is ACID EYE Bluetooth headset.

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